Hillary/Warren Fest on ABC’s This Week

Sunday on ABC’s This Week  was all about “Game Changers.” While Republicans may have swept the midterm elections with a record number of women, even a black woman, gaining congressional seats for the first time in history, the presidential possibilities of Hillary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren was all the rage.

An all-women panel virtually brushed aside the historical win for women in the Republican Party in 2014, instead focusing on the prevalence of men at the top of the GOP. Daily Beast contributor Kristen Soltis Anderson said Republicans “understand that they need to start cultivating new and fresh talent.”

Cut to a clip of Hillary shouting, “Hello, Iowa!”

And there in lies the apex of this Sunday morning news show — stumping for the Democrat women that might possibly run for president in 2016. ABC News’ Donna Brazile was on hand to tell us that Hillary is “the best-positioned candidate in the field right now.” 

However, the panel listed Warren as a great challenge to Hillary. “Elizabeth Warren is now the hottest ticket inside the Democratic theater,” Brazile said.

Brazile’s praise for Warren continued:

She fills an incredible vacuum inside the Democratic Party. I think she fills an incredible vacuum in the country.

But before anyone gets too excited about the uprising of women in politics, Brazile was quick to remind that America ranks 95th in the world in terms of female representation in elected office. “We have a long way to go before we reach parity,” Brazile said.

Watch that segment below: