Hillel CEO Blasts ‘Moral and Intellectual Bankruptcy of BDS Supporters

Eric Fingerhut, Hillel International’s CEO, has zero tolerance for the hatred and bigotry of the anti-Semitic Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) effort against the Jewish State. In an Op-Ed posted Thursday on the Times of Israel, Fingerhut reconfirmed his organization’s commitment to fight those who demonize Israel.

Last semester, Hillel campus professionals and Hillel International’s new Israel education department, Hinenu, proudly supported students as they won steady victories against an organized campaign to demonize Israel and pro-Israel students on campus. With the strength of their communities, student leaders defeated five of the six proposed anti-Israel resolutions in student governments.

It is unfortunate – but necessary – that Hillel professionals and pro-Israel students need to invest time and energy defending Israel against the moral and intellectual bankruptcy of BDS supporters. No serious friend of peace between Israel and the Palestinians believes BDS will serve their goals. And it is quite clear that the BDS movement is uninterested in actually solving any problem – unless that problem is defined as the existence of a Jewish State. BDS supporters regularly intimidate anyone who dares to oppose them. They shout down speakers at public events, disrupt recruitment efforts by pro-Israel campus organizations, and otherwise turn the campus into their own circus of hate.

Because of these activities, Hillel has had to redouble its pro-Israel advocacy and education programs within its larger mission to create an environment where Jewish students feel safe and confident to explore their faith and build enduring connections to the Jewish State.

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