Homeland Security Employee’s Racist Website Urges Blacks To Prepare For War With Whites


Homeland Security Employee’s Hate-Filled Website to Prepare Blacks for the ‘Inevitable Clash With the White Race’ | TheBlaze.com.

Ayo Kimathi is a small business specialist for the Department of . In his off time, he reportedly runs a preparing black people for the “unavoidable, inevitable clash with the white race.”

Homeland Security Employee Race War Website

Image source: Southern Poverty Law Center

The Southern Poverty Law Center identified Kimathi as the “Irritated Genie,” whose website “War on the Horizon” is dedicated to “properly educating Black people to prepare for Racial Warfare.” On it, he also advocates for the “purge” of “Uncle Tom” “race traitors”; describes President Barack Obama as a “treasonous mulatto scum dweller”; and claims are behind the ”effeminization of the black male” that is “threatening the existence of every Black man, woman, and child on Earth.”