Introducing a new series here at The Burning Truth. Listeners have been wanting me to focus more on positive stories on the show and blog (I already do on social media). I’ve teamed up with Anna Maria Hoffman at NRA News to bring you some stories related to the proper use, and importance of, firearms. I’m call it the ‘.’


A homeowner shot and killed an apparent  burglary suspect early Tuesday morning at a residence  in southwest Houston.

Fregia said the homeowner, identified as an Asian man,  told investigators he was asleep but woke up when he heard the sound of glass breaking at his front door. He grabbed a and went to investigate. He saw a man breaking into the door and entering his home. He confronted him and fired several gunshots at him, wounding the suspect.

Story courtesy of Anna Maria Hoffman (@AM_Hoffman) & NRA News (@NRANews)