Horton Rips Michael Moore To Truth Revolt

After appearing on The Kelly File Monday night to discuss Michael Moore’s incendiary comments regarding American Sniper, Jane Horton, the widow of American sniper Christopher Horton, who was killed in Afghanistan in 2011, spoke with Truth Revolt and blasted Moore, calling him the true coward. She stated:

It’s incredibly heartbreaking to listen to Michael Moore struggle to stay relevant as he insults those who give him his very freedom of speech and protect his right to insult them. Modern day snipers have one of the most dangerous jobs in our military. Not only does our current force volunteer to fight- but snipers work extra hard to secure their position all well knowing that is one of the most dangerous and lethal jobs, and the enemy will do anything to take them out first.

We all know snipers are not cowards. We all know that those that say something and don’t stand behind what they said to take the repercussions of their actions are the true cowards. 

I look forward to seeing American Sniper and am glad Hollywood is showing the hardships of war while respecting and honoring the courage, honor and sacrifice members of our military and their families make. I encourage everyone to see the film.


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