How Much Would It Cost to Build a Real-Life ‘Death Star’?

Lehigh Students Estimate How Much and How Long It Would Take to Build a Death StarAs Star Wars lovers are rejoicing over Episode 1 making it to theaters again in 3D, economics students at Lehigh University are bringing another interesting concept to the Galactic Empire scene. They set out to estimate how long — and how much — it would take to create the ultimate planet-destroying weapon: the Death Star.

The students report in Centives that the first Death Star — you may remember that in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope the original was destroyed — was reported to be 140 km (86.8 miles) in diameter and made of steel. They decided to make the star the density of a modern warship since “they’re both essentially floating weapons platforms”.

Here’s what they reasoned:

Scaling up to the Death Star, this is about 1.08