HuffPo Duped by Twitter User, Prints False Racial Narrative

When another shooting of an 18-year-old black man by a white police officer near Ferguson came to light Tuesday evening, The Huffington Post was there to fuel the racial narrative by publishing what turned out to be a false account that claimed the victim was shot because he refused to lie down.

Associate editor Sebastian Murdock was contacted through Twitter by user Jesus Christo (@DesJuanTheThug) who claimed he was with victim Antonio Martin and watched the policeman shoot his friend after Martin refused to lie down. Instead of vetting this source, Murdock believed the information and deemed it worthy of printing.

As police reports poured in with more details, such as the victim pulling a 9mm on the officer, @DesJuanTheThug’s account came into question. Not helping was the fact that the “source” began taunting HuffPo through Twitter:



Realizing his horrible error, Murdock deleted the false report and issued a correction to his story:

A previous version of this story included an interview with a man claiming to have been at the scene of the shooting and friends with the deceased. As police have released statements saying the second person involved in the incident has fled the scene, the source is now suggesting he was never there.

Murdock added to Twitter:



It has since become clear exactly why Jesus Christo trolled the breaking news story — he needs a rap career and craves attention:













Breitbart‘s John Nolte weighed in on this irresponsible journalism:

Like the “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” lie spread by a reckless and unquestioning media after the shooting death of Michael Brown at the hands of Officer Darren Wilson, the Huffington Post got it horribly wrong in an apparent rush to be the first to use the Martin shooting to further the phony and now-deadly media narrative that cops are on the hunt to kill black men.

All the hell and wreckage caused in the name of Narrative Journalism in Ferguson was based on a lie.

All the hell and wreckage caused by Narrative Journalism at the University of Virginia was based on a lie — on Rolling Stone reporting a rape hoax as true.

Last night The Huffington Post told us the mainstream media doesn’t intend to do anything different.

Agenda and clicks still trump truth and decency.



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