I Told You So – Govt Tells Christian Ministers: Perform Same-Sex Weddings Or Face Jail Time

In spite of the gay mafia’s constant insistence that religion would not be gay marriages, I’ve been proving they are lying to you for more than two years.

Govt tells Christian ministers: Perform same-sex weddings or face jail, fines – Alliance Defending Freedom.

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys filed a federal lawsuit and a motion for a temporary restraining order Friday to stop officials in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, from forcing two ordained Christian to perform wedding ceremonies for same-sex couples.

City officials told Donald Knapp that he and his wife Evelyn, both ordained ministers who run Hitching Post Wedding Chapel, are required to perform such ceremonies or face months in and/or thousands of dollars in fines. The city claims its “non-discrimination” ordinance requires the Knapps to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies now that the courts have overridden Idaho’s voter-approved constitutional amendment that affirmed marriage as the union of a man and a woman.

Told you so.  It happened in England and it will happen here.  The reason is that the gay mafia (wholly separate from the gay community) is at war with religion, and Christianity in particular.  They are trying to attack religion, not gain equality.  The vast majority of gay people I personally know think this is absurd.