I Want Out: A Glimpse Of The Future Of Humanity

I Want Out: A Glimpse Of The Future Of Humanity


This is a glimpse of the future of humanity as documented by Redditor ryanmerket. I’m not sure how I feel about. That’s not true, I am sure how I feel about it, and it isn’t good. We’re one step closer to that slovenly dystopian future in WALL-E. And I, for one, want no part of it. Also, what’s up with that guy in the window? What’s his deal? Is he wondering why Mr. Virtual Reality has a hand down his pants? Or how he’s managing to find his mouth with the straw? What is Mr. Virtual Reality even watching? You thinking he’s on a virtual meal diet? “Based on that stomach, no.” You’re a bad person.

Relevant scene from WALL-E after the jump.

Thanks to CC, who agrees it’s only a matter of time until virtual diets are all the rage. I’m on one now! Get it? Because it isn’t real.

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