If You Don’t Support Israel Against Hamas, You Are An Ignorant Moron

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Rare personal profile political post, and it’s a bit of a rant, but it’s all relevant:
I’m literally laughing my ass off at people who are blaming for all of this. The notion that should consider further ceasefires is patently absurd, juvenile, and fundamentally flawed. They’ve accepted several ceasefires already (as they ALWAYS do), and has either declined the ceasefires, or violated them after they move their people through the tunnels into Israel (also as they ALWAYS do). There is literally NO GOOD REASON for Israel to accept another ceasefire until the tunnel destroying operation is done.

The Palestinian people are being held hostage, and put in danger by Hamas, not Israel. Hamas is a murderous terrorist organization who initiates armed conflict with Israel by targeting innocent Israeli civilians. Just as they did to kick this latest conflict off. Please spare me the ‘Hamas denied the kidnappings’ bit. Two of the three kidnappers/murderers were Hamas.

Whether it was the old Fatah or Hamas is irrelevant now … Israel was minding their own business when they were violently attacked from in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, several times in 2008, and it has been the same story since then until today. The only exception I can remember is Returning Echo which was preemptive by the IDF to take out a killer who carried out attacks on Israeli civilians, and was allegedly planning more.

Here’s where we get to what I call the ‘simpleton factor’. This is where ignorance meets flat out dumbassery.

What is Israel doing right now? What are the air strikes intended to do? Destroy tunnels. What kind of tunnels? Tunnels from Gaza into Israel. Why do these tunnels exist? So Hamas can smuggle murderous terrorists into Israel to kidnap more innocent teenagers (like the three they murdered that started all of this), or murder innocent civilians in another bus like they did a few years ago. No tunnels, no risk of terrorism, no military campaign in Gaza.

This is where common sense kicks in for people with even just a smidgen of intellect.
If Hamas didn’t kidnap and murder three innocent teenagers, Israel wouldn’t have conducted an investigation into their disappearance in Gaza, if Israel wasn’t investigating their kidnapping there wouldn’t have been firefights with Hamas loyalists, if there weren’t those firefights people wouldn’t have died, if people hadn’t died Hamas wouldn’t have launched hundreds of rockets at innocent civilians, if Hamas doesn’t launch those rockets the IDF doesn’t launch the current operation, the current IDF operation to destroy terrorist tunnels into Israel wouldn’t be going on if … wait for it … HAMAS DIDN’T BUILD THE DAMN TUNNELS TO MURDER INNOCENT ISRAELI CIVILIANS IN THE FIRST DAMN PLACE!
Now bear with me, this is where it gets a little complicated. Hamas wouldn’t be building tunnels into Israel to kill people unless … gasp … they are bad guys who want armed conflict to destroy Israel. You know, like their damn charter says they exist to do.

This is literally the easiest crap in the world to understand.

It’s bad enough Israel gets blamed for false civilian casualties that later get proven to have been either staged, or caused by Hamas’ own ineptness, but to call Israelis murderers for accidentally killing civilians (who either ignored the order to evacuate or were held in place at gunpoint by Hamas) while ignoring actual, literal murder by Hamas just makes you about the most useless and irrelevant person on Earth.

Do innocent civilians die? Of course. They do in every single on Earth. It’s awful. Israel literally does more than any other entity on this planet to prevent it. Seriously, who else calls everyone to warn them to evacuate before they bomb your neighborhood? If Israel really wanted to target innocent civilians and murder them, why call them to give a warning? Why send text warnings? Why call your neighbors to have them warn everyone? Why the roof knocking? The simple answer, for those with the most rudimentary common sense, is that they don’t want innocent people to die. They want Hamas to die, and so do I. So should you. Hamas would slit the throats of your children in their beds and then throw a party to celebrate. That’s who they are.

Now to the , schools, hospitals, etc.

When Hamas uses schools and hospitals to fire weapons at Israeli civilians (as bad guys do), the IDF has an obligation to attack. Yet again, they warn the facility (if occupied) to evacuate innocent people. They’ve released the video and audio of them doing this several times during the current conflict. Frequently, these buildings are absent of innocent people when destroyed, but Hamas has standing (and very public) orders to tell people their militants are civilians.

The UN is the most anti-Israel organization in the world. The UN is mostly made up of nations that are not free. People forget that. They have conferences where the world maps don’t have Israel in existence. The UN gave Hamas back the rockets they used to start this conflict. The UN has been caught covering up, and using troops to protect Hezbollah … another terrorist organization hell bent on killing innocent Israelis.

To the shelling NEAR the UN refuge at the school today. Israel says they were targeting militants from Islamic Jihad (shock, another terrorist organization hell bent on killing Jews) on motorcycle. They did not target the school, nor did they hit it. They hit the street and courtyard near the school. Perhaps they could have waited until striking, perhaps the information to the pilots didn’t identify the school in real time. Fact is, innocent people died because of Hamas coaxing Israel into this conflict. Bottom line is that it wasn’t intentional, and it is tragic. At least this time it was actually the IDF that did it, and not a wayward Hamas rocket the world blamed on the IDF.

Perhaps also the UN should not serve people food outside in the middle of a war zone where there is no cover. Didn’t they hear Hillary say that Gaza is densely populated, and that Hamas has nowhere to fire weapons from other than civilian areas. If Hamas gets a pass for endangering civilians because of Gaza’s ‘geography’ (as Hillary put it), then why doesn’t the IDF get the same pass? Oh yeah, because they have sophisticated military technology right? Dog whistle for ‘because they are Jews’ anyone?
Why are reporters in Gaza deleting tweets critical of Hamas when Hamas posts their names to identify them on social media?

Why are reporters who get out of Gaza suddenly telling us the truth about Hamas’ actions there … only after escaping to safety?

Why are Hamas posting fake photos of the conflict as the BBC pointed out?

It’s the same reason they fire weapons from residential neighborhoods to try and draw IDF fire. It’s the same reason they fire weapons from schools and hospitals. It’s the same reason they keep (at gunpoint) innocent Palestinians from going to an Israeli set up hospital in Gaza to get treated.
They want to control the media narrative, present themselves as the helpless victim, present the IDF as bloodthirsty murderers, and turn world opinion in their favor.

Only the dumbest of us fall for it.