Illegal Aliens Could Get $24,000 in Taxpayer-Funded 'Amnesty Bonuses'

When President Obama unilaterally cleared the way for millions of illegal aliens to stay in the United States, he also set into motion a way for them to receive a huge amount of cash from the American taxpayer — without having to do a thing.

Illegal aliens are now able to get Social Security numbers, and once they do, they can claim up to four years’ worth of tax credits, which could be as much as to $24,000.

The payments — dubbed “amnesty bonuses” by Republicans — are only just now emerging as a prime reason Obama invoked executive authority. With 2016 coming fast, Democrats know Hispanics will be pleased with their windfall of free cash and vote for their party.

But Republicans are lining up to stop the bonuses. “I represent hard working, law-biding Texans,” Rep. Sam Johnson, a senior Republican on the House Ways and Means Committee, told the Associated Press. “I think these amnesty rewards, and that’s what they are, need to be stopped.”

Four million to five million illegal aliens are now shielded from deportation under Obama’s order. Republicans are threatening to hold up funding for the Department of Homeland Security to overturn the order. The department runs out of cash Feb. 27.

Millions of illegals work without Social Security numbers, even though federal law requires them for employment. Those millions also work without paying taxes. The IRS accepts the tax returns without reporting the taxpayers to immigration authorities.

Said IRS Commissioner John Koskinen: “We don’t enforce the Social Security laws, we don’t enforce the immigration laws,” Koskinen said of his agency. “In fact, the reason illegal immigrants file taxes with us is they know we aren’t sharing that data with anybody. We treat it as taxpayer-protected information.”

What’s more, once given Social Security numbers, the illegal aliens will qualify for benefits from the taxpayer Social Security funds — despite never having paid into it. They will also be eligible for Medicare, the nearly broke federal health care provider for the elderly.

And they’ll qualify to use the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) — popular among liberals because it pays taxpayer funds to low-wage workers even if they don’t make enough to pay federal income tax. Once the illegals get Social Security numbers, they can file tax returns claiming the EITC. More, they can file them for the previous three years, and with the maximum cash refund at $6,000, some could get $24,000.

Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb, told the AP the new setup belies what Obama claimed when he issued the orders. “This program severely undermines the White House’s lip-service to enforcing the law and would increase the burden on law-abiding taxpayers.”


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