#IllRideWithYou: Anti-Islamophobia Hashtag Movement Springs Up In Response To ‘Sydney Siege’

Fearing possible backlash against Muslims in response to what appears to be a Muslim gunmen who has taken hostages in a café in Sydney, Australians have taken to Twitter with a new anti-Islamophobia hashtag movement, #IllRideWithYou.

After a gunmen (reportedly an Iranian man named Man Haron Monis) took an unknown number of hostages in a café in the city’s shopping and financial district early Monday morning, a few news outlets, including Al Jazeera, reported “racist” sentiments being expressed toward Muslims on public transport. In response, many Australians took to Twitter to express solidarity with the Muslim community. This is the tweet that unintentionally started the movement:


The theme was picked up by Twitter uses all over Sydney and quickly went global:



Australia’s Race Discrimination Commissioner Tim Soutphommasane officially endorsed the movement, saying he was “heartened” by the response, adding, “let’s not allow fear, hatred and division to triumph.”




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