India: Father Buried Daughter Alive Because She Was A Girl

A man from Tripura, India, Abdul Hussein, has been arrested for burying his daughter chest-deep in his back yard because she is a girl.

It is reported by The Mirror that the man gagged and bound his 10-year-old daughter and began to bury her, getting as far as her chest when he heard his wife returning home. He quickly covered the girl’s head with a basket in attempt to hide what he had done, with the intent on finishing the deed later.

As the man’s wife began asking of their daughter’s whereabouts, neighbors discovered the girl under the basket. All then joined in beating the man until police arrived.

Hussein is being charged with attempted murder.

This incident is noted to have occurred four months after another girl, 7, “clawed her way to safety” after being taken from her mother and buried alive by her aunt and uncle in a field in the Uttar Pradesh region of India.


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