No, this isn’t a post about the evil insurance industry.

This is a post about the lethargic, and often tragic, government bureaucracy.

Sarah’s Story:

I now will receive very harsh chemotherapy one time a week and radiation every day to attempt to keep the cancer under control, but the doctors do not seem optimistic. All this and now because of the side effects from and the advanced stage of my cancer I am no longer able to do the job I love. My work helped me stay positive knowing that I was helping others. For now that is gone and I have to focus on me and spending as much time as I can with my children. One small bright spot is that many doctors have told me that there is still hope, it is a liver direct called Y90.

Sarah has advanced , and traditional treatments haven’t worked.  Her prognosis hasn’t been good, but Y90 offers some hope.

Y90 has proven to extend the lives of people suffering from liver and colon cancer … just like Avastin before it … the , however, won’t approve it for breast cancer treatment.  The government’s refusal on this matter is what makes Sarah’s treatment so difficult, and why she needs your help.

My insurance company is denying coverage due to the FDA not approving it as a breast cancer treatment yet. They call it experimental even though It has been proven to extend life in people with liver and colon cancer in the liver. However the FDA has not approved the Y90 for advanced breast cancer. The problem is that on top of all the expenses we have now the Y90 is very expensive.

And with our now crippled income I am worried I may even lose the insurance I do have. I am faced with very few choices but to turn to friends, family and even kind strangers for help.

Sarah needs your help. Go here to do what you can.