Interview: Henry Davis Jr. On South Bend Smoking Ban Expansion


2nd District Councilman joins us to explain what happened at the Common Council meeting on expanding the city’s , and why it’s been tabled for 60 days.

Previously, there was an agreement that if South Bend wanted to consider expanding the smoking ban to include 21+ bars and private clubs, that they’d discuss it with Mishawaka and St. Joseph County (both unlikely to support the ban) first.

The reason for that is simple … pro-smoking ban council members know very well there will be a negative economic impact if the ban is expanded.  This contradicts what Ferlic and others have said about there not being any proof of negative economic impact from smoking bans.  Of course, I’ve proven that myth false for years on this program.  If surrounding areas don’t have the same ban as South Bend, people will cross the border to go to businesses that allow smoking.  The only way to alleviate any negative economic impact is to ensure that surrounding areas have the same ban to remove any competition among local businesses.