Is Nick Cannon A Racist?

Nick Cannon wears whiteface, calls himself ‘Connor Smallnut’ for ‘White People Party Music’ – MSN Music News.

Yes, Nick Cannon, the host of NBC’s “America’s Got Talent” and Mr. Mariah Carey, is now posing as a man named Connor Smallnut for a new musical project. And yes, Connor Smallnut, as you can see in the photo above and videos below, is white.

Cannon has been posting photos and videos of himself as Mr. Smallnut, whiteface and all, on his Instagram and Twitter feeds in order to hype up the release of his upcoming album, “White People Party Music.” The album is a sort of parody performed by the Smallnut character, with songs like “Pajama Pants,” which tackle heavy issues like twerking.

Some people are upset with Nick Cannon for wearing whiteface.  My guess is that they aren’t so much upset that he’s in whiteface, but that he’s doing exactly the same thing as others who wear blackface.  As we all know, if you wear blackface (in a non-offensive manner) you have committed the most heinous hate crime against black people.

The whole world demanded Julianne Hough apologize for dressing up as her favorite character (who is black) from the awesome show ‘Orange is the New Black.’  HuffPo even wrote an expose on how awfully offensive blackface is, and took Hough’s supporters to task.  Will they hold the same line with Nick Cannon? Of course not.

Do you not remember the whole ‘We are a culture, not a costume’ campaign that we JUST HAD?

You know, the whole campaign about wearing blackface being offensive.

Blackface is offensive, why not whiteface?

NPR rips blackface costumes every year, and Hampshire College has a whole infographic on if your costume is racist.  Nick Cannon’s whiteface ticks 4 of the 5 boxes to be labeled as racist by that college btw.

Do I think Nick Cannon is a racist?  No.  I don’t think Julianne Hough is a racist either.  I do think that if you are offended by blackface, but not whiteface you may be a racist.  At best you are disingenuous hypocrite.

People are less upset at Nick Cannon than they are at the hypocrisy of society that deems Nick Cannon’s costume as appropriate … even funny, while Julianne Hough’s is offensive.

We have to decide if we are going to be a society that has the same standards for everyone … you know … equality and such, or are we going to be a society of double standards and hypocrisy.  If we continue to be latter, we will continue to foment hate and resentment.