Italian Doctors Deliver Healthy Baby After Mother Kept On Life Support For 9 Weeks

This Christmas, a little baby in Milan, Italy has been given the gift of life. 

Last week, in what can only be described as a miracle, doctors at Milan’s San Raffaele Hospital successfully delivered a healthy baby after its 36-year-old mother had been placed on life support as a result of a brain hemorrhage that left her clinically dead at 23 weeks pregnant.

According to The Local, the woman’s family requested doctors keep her on life support back in October to save the unborn child’s life. For nine weeks, doctors kept her alive with “equipment that kept her breathing and her blood flowing, while a tube to her intestines fed the growing fetus.”

Similar cases have popped up in the past with the same success. Back in 1993, doctors safely delivered a baby after it had survived for three months inside of a mother on life support.

However, not all cases have gone without controversy, especially when families object to having their loved ones kept on life support to save the baby. Many in the pro-abortion crowd have argued the family’s wishes trump the baby’s right to live. 


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