J Street Posts Problematic Poll

J Street posted the results of a poll in which they state that 84% of American Jews support a nuclear agreement with Iran. Dylan Williams, J Street director of government affairs, posted the result on his Twitter site, claiming “When Netanyahu comes to speak for *all Jews* he will in fact be speaking only for a tiny minority of our community.”

According to the Algemeiner, there was no link to the poll on J Street’s website, no data of how many respondents were polled, and no information as to what question was asked of the respondents. The Christian Science Monitor, which quoted the results of the poll, also stated that the poll showed “strong support for Israel’s handling of Operation Protective Edge … ” and “a strong sense of connection to Mr. Netanyahu among American Jews, even though its results suggest they don’t support his policies.”

The disparity between the strong support for a policy Prime Minister Netanyahu opposes while a simultaneous strong support for him personally left J Street’s Communications Director Jessica Rosenblum lamely explaining to the Christian Science Monitor, “The prime minister is personally popular with American Jews. The difference here is that they have deep concerns about the policies he’s pursuing.”

The Algemeiner also points out that underneath the graphic of the poll, a line of text reads, “strong support for progress made by P5+1,″ possibly indicating that respondents were asked another question entirely.

Williams told the Christian Science Monitor, “I don’t think Jewish Americans are different from where the general American population is on this.” Yet a recent Gallup poll showed 84% of those polled having a  “mostly unfavorable” or “very unfavorable” perspective of Iran.

J Street’s virulent attitude toward Netanyahu is well-known; they have created a hashtag #Bibidoesn’tspeakforme as well as a petition that limns Israel’s ambassador in Washington, Ron Dermer, as working for Netanyahu, saying Dermer is “his ambassador,” rather than the State of Israel. The petition also featured a list of signatures including “Adolf Hitler,” “Rudolf Hess,” and “Malcolm X.”


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