Jim Clancy “Leaves” CNN, Week After Abusive Anti-Israel Twitter Exange

Last Friday, 34-year CNN International veteran Jim Clancy went on a bizarre anti-Israel twitter rant which ended with him using the politically incorrect term “cripple.” One week later he sent a short note to his colleagues announcing that he was leaving the network without giving a reason for his departure.

The note was originally posted on Mediaite:

After nearly 34 years with Cable News Network, the time has come to say Farewell!

It has been my honor to work alongside all of you for all of these years. This is one of the greatest news organizations in the world. It has truly revolutionized information delivery while driving technological advances in how we gather the news.

Through it all, CNN has been a family to my own family. That means something.

As I reflect on all of the great adventures and achievements of the past, I wish you great success in the future.

Jim Clancy

As TruthRevolt reported at the time of the Clancy meltdown:

The matter started last week when Clancy tweeted about the deadly terrorist attack by radical Islamists on a magazine in Paris, known for publishing satirical cartoons sometimes offensive to Muslims.

“The cartoons NEVER mocked the Prophet [Muhammed],” Clancy tweeted at the time. “They mocked how the COWARDS [who] tried to distort his word. Pay attention.”

Some of Clancy’s followers challenged his point, which suggested that the terrorists were motivated not by Islam (which teaches followers not to mock its prophet) but by something else.

Clancy responded to several of the replies he received, but eventually tweeted this at one person: “Get a grip, junior. It’s my Friday night. You and the Hasbara team need to pick on some cripple on the edge of the herd.”

Hasbara is a reference to the Israeli government’s public relations effort to spread positive information about Israel. It is also used in some circles as a reference to the anti-Semitic falsehood that Jews control the media.

Clancy deleted his entire twitter account before he announced his departure.


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