Jindal: Only a ‘Spiritual Revival’ Can Fix ‘What Ails Our Country’

Republican governor of Louisiana Bobby Jindal said there is no law or politician that can fix the problems in America, but only a “spiritual revival.”

This he said at a prayer event in Baton Rouge Saturday to a gathered assembly of Christians. Here is selected text from the rally called, “The Response:”

We can’t just elect a candidate and fix what ails our country. We can’t just pass a law and fix what ails our country. We need a spiritual revival to fix what ails our country. It is like God has given us the Book of Life. he doesn’t let us see the pages for today and tomorrow. He doesn’t promise us everything will go the way you want. But he does let you see the last page in the Book of Life. And on the last page, our God wins.

ABC’s George Stephanopoulos asked the governor on Sunday’s This Week if in fact a president is responsible for leading that spiritual revival. Stephanopoulos was especially “struck” by Jindal’s concluding proclamation, “our God wins.”

In a nation of many faiths and even no faith, Stephanopoulos asked how a statement like the one he made at the prayer rally resounds with the American people.

Jindal responded:

It is a time-honored tradition going back to our nation’s founding for our presidents, for our leaders, to turn to God for guidance, for wisdom. George Washington did it. Abraham Lincoln did it. Harry Truman did it. So, absolutely, I think this idea of praying to God for wisdom and guidance is as old as our country. Secondly, look, I think we are a diverse country — obviously a majority of our people are Christians. But we don’t discriminate against anybody and that’s one of the great things about America. We believe in religious liberty. Yesterday was an amazing, amazing event. Thousands of people came together to worship and pray, across racial lines, across political lines. I thought it was a great, great event and I hope you’ll see more of these across the country.

“I’m sure we will,” Stephanopoulos said.


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