Jindal Standing Tall On Pro-Life

Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal, hot in the news because of his strong statements regarding radical Islam, is taking another strong stand this Saturday, inviting Louisiana Right to Life to join his prayer rally at LSU, titled The Response. Louisiana Right to Life holds an annual South Louisiana march, and it was scheduled for a different building on the LSU campus, but Jindal wanted the group to be part of his rally. Thousands more people are expected to join Jindal’s rally as a result.

Jindal, the keynote speaker at both events, will speak at the anti-abortion rally at 10 a.m. and at The Response later. The Right to Life rally will take place at the Greek Theatre; the prayer rally will be held at the Peter Maravich Assembly Center.

Jindal has always been pro-life; he said as far back as 2003:

In my first race in 2003, at one of my first fundraisers, my first question was from a fairly liberal woman who asked me my position on abortion. I told her I was pro-life. I remember thinking I was going to have to return all the money I had raised! But amazingly, she became a financial supporter despite our differences over abortion. It turns out she already knew I was pro-life; she just wanted to see if I would be honest about my position or if I would waffle in order to get her money.

The National Right to Life Committee has given Jindal a rating of 100%.



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