Joni Ernst Will Deliver Republican Response to State of The Union Address

On Thursday, Senator Mitch McConnell announced that newly-elected Senator Joni Ernst will be giving this year’s Republican response to President Obama’s State of the Union address.

McConnell called Ernst the “perfect choice” and exactly what Americans want to see following the mid-term elections where Republicans took the Senate by storm.

“Americans voted for change,” said McConnell, “and Sen. Ernst will explain what the new Congress plans to do and is already doing to change and what it is already doing to return Washington’s focus to the concerns of the middle class and away from the demands of the political class.”

Ernst accepted the honor with both grace and humility, calling it an opportunity she “never would have imagined” growing up.

“Our folks back home sent us to Washington D.C., with a clear mission. And that mission is to get to work. That mission is to craft and implement good policies and good solutions,” Ernst said. “We want to insure that the America we are building leaves a stronger economy and more opportunity for our children and our grandchildren.”


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