Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood Leader Refuses to Acknowledge That ISIS Is Terrorist Organization

Sheikh Hamza Mansour, the head of the Muslim Brotherhood’s political wing in Jordan, the Islamic Action Front (IAF), was interviewed on Jordanian Television on Monday and despite repeated questioning by the host, refused to say that ISIS was a terrorist organization.

The interview took place just a few hours before the horrific video of Jordanian pilot Lt Moaz al-Kasasbeh being murdered by ISIS was released. Even though the fate of the pilot was still unknown at the time, the Jordanian people were already angry at ISIS because of the pilot’s capture and because of the murder of the two Japanese citizens whose freedom Jordan was also trying to negotiate. 

Video and translation from MEMRI:

Interviewer: Is ISIS a terrorist organization?

Mansour: Ahhhh… There are many terrorists.

Interviewer: Is ISIS a terrorist organization?

Mansour: There are many terrorists.

Interviewer: My question is clear, Sheik Hamza. Is ISIS a terrorist organization or not?

Mansour: Let me answer in my own words. We condemn every terrorist group, government, or regime.

Interviewer: Is ISIS a terrorist organization?

Mansour: There are terrorists of every sort – Sunnis, Shiites, Muslims, Christians, Jews…

Interviewer: The Islamic State organization, sir – do you consider it to be terrorist?

Mansour: There is no definition of terrorism today. Anybody who says a couple of words is automatically considered a terrorist. We condemn terrorism in all its shapes and sizes.

Interviewer: And ISIS?

Mansour: Let me tell you….

Interviewer: I’m asking a clear question. I insist on getting an answer. This is a yes/no question.

Mansour: I condemn terrorism in all forms. Are you giving me the third degree?

Interviewer: No, it’s not an interrogation. I’m just asking: Is ISIS terrorist?

Mansour: I’m telling you that I condemn all terrorists. Fine, let the viewers understand your answer any way they want.


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