Kim Kardashian: '50 Shades of Grey' Is 'Sooooo Good!!!!!'

After throwing a “girls night” for the private screening of the controversial film adaptation of 50 Shades of Grey, Kim Kardashian provided her official endorsement:

The film, which reportedly dedicates a fifth of its running time to sex scenes, is being boycotted by domestic violence activists for what they argue is its promotion of domestic violence.

“People are really upset about this movie and its potential for glamorizing stalking and abusive behavior, so they’re happy to have the chance to do something positive to help offset the damage,” organizers of the #50dollarsnot50shades hashtag movement told the Washington Times.

Women subjected to the violent acts depicted in the film “don’t end up like Anastasia; they often end up in a women’s shelter, on the run for years or dead,” said the National Center on Sexual Exploitation, one of the key sponsors of the boycott.


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