LA Archdiocese Welcomes Largest Pro-Life Event In Southern California

In recognition of the 42nd anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the infamous Supreme Court decision that legalized abortion nationwide, the archdiocese of Los Angeles will be hosting OneLife LA, the largest pro-life event in Southern California, on January 17 in downtown Los Angeles.

According to Kevin Mooney of AngelusNews, OneLife LA has been a vision of Archbishop José Gomez for many years, hoping to create one colossal event for all of Southern California’s archdioceses to participate in. This year, the dioceses of San Diego, Orange, San Bernardino and Fresno will partnering with LA. Attendance will be in the thousands.

“OneLife LA invites all people to join us in declaring a commitment to valuing and protecting all human life,” says the event’s webpage. “We look forward to seeing you, your families and your communities for our first annual OneLife LA event!”

The event will begin with opening remarks from Archbishop Gomez at 10 a.m. near Olvera Street before attendees take a mile-long route past the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels and into Grand Park where people “will gather for a picnic with music, food trucks, balloon artists, face-painting and booths from community organizations, such as St. Vincent de Paul, 40 Days for Life and Oasis.”

The archdiocese has assembled a wide variety of diverse musicians and speakers from all over the country, including LifeSiteNews contributor Ryan Bomberger from The Radiance Foundation and Rick Smith, founder of the blog Noah’s Dad, that educates people on the joys of raising his Down Syndrome son.

Hoping to create lasting impact, One Life LA project coordinator Kevin Kast emphasized the event will be more than just a protest or political rally. 

“We differentiate ourselves by not focusing on the political side of pro-life issues,” said Kast. “We want to emphasize why human life has dignity, and why it is so beautiful and valuable.”

True to their mission statement of making this event a call to action, Kast stated that community partners will be present all throughout the event and will have much more to offer than just pamphlets or flyers.

“They are not there to hand out literature, to educate, or to fundraise,” Kast said. “They are there to offer tangible service projects to get people involved. This is very much an action-oriented event.”

Donations to the event can be made here. Archdioceses throughout the country will be hosting similar events that weekend.




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