LA Times Compares '50 Shades of Grey' to Koch Bros.

Los Angeles Times columnist and political cartoonist David Horsey sees a correlation between the bondage and submission portrayed in the latest Hollywood softcore porn movie 50 Shades of Grey and how the Koch brothers use their wealth in Republican politics.

Horsey writes:

Christian Grey and the Koch brothers share a similar desire for dominance… Christian Grey, a young, hunky member of the world’s top 1% who draws a callow college girl into his orbit and gets her to agree to be the submissive partner in a sadomasochistic bondage relationship.

Charles and David Koch, by comparison, are two not-so-hunky old industrialists who draw Republican candidates into their orbit and get them to agree to a submissive relationship in return for campaign contributions.

Horsey also illustrated his leap of logic in the following cartoon:

Horsey continues the simile saying that Scott Walker, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Rand Paul, all attendees at the Koch’s January donors retreat, are “like winsome coeds hungering for a hot hookup” just to get their hands on “a piece of the brothers’ engorged campaign fund.”

And what other similarities does Horsey find? Fictional character Grey has a secret room filled with his various toys to use on a willing participant. The Kochs have secret donations that aren’t trackable thanks to “flaccid campaign finance laws made even more limp by rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court.” Grey has a collection of high-end sports cars, a helicopter and a penthouse suite. The Kochs have super PACs and think tanks they hope to  use in “killing universal healthcare and environmental regulations and keeping the federal government from constricting their capitalist cravings.” Finally, Grey seeks “a young woman to tie up and slap around,” and the Kochs use their “secret donations” to “buy compliant politicians.”

Horsey is glad that Christian Grey is a fictional character, but the Kochs worry him because they “are all too real.”


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