And the hordes of dumbass losers are praising her.

In spite of her story about ‘Republican Barry’ being her rapist completely falling apart ala the false UVA story, her publisher backing away from the claim and offering to settle with the victim, and her publisher altering the book’s pages, she is still peddling her self-created victimhood. And no, saying that Barry was just a pseudonym after the fact doesn’t hold water given her very detailed description not only of him, but his radio show. It is crystal clear that Dunham is a sexual predator who falsely accused an innocent man of , and got caught doing it.

If Dunham was raped, a dubious assumption at best, why not describe the actual rapist? Why describe an innocent person instead? Also, now that Dunham is talking about her … ahem … alleged … assault, why not name names? Her power, influence, and distance from her supposed attacker would protect her. Many women choose to stay silent because of fear of retribution, or they are trying to keep it a secret. Dunham has no such concerns. The answer is clear to anyone who is intellectually honest.

Lena Dunham Has Given A Speech About Being A Survivor Of Rape.

The 28-year-old actress was handed an award for her work with GEMS, an organisation based in New York to empower young women who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation and domestic trafficking.

The Girls star took to the stage and used the opportunity to speak out about her alleged rape ordeal to help other sexual assault survivors.

This is disgusting. I’ve written and spoken about too many cases where sexual predator women get away with falsely claiming rape, and ruining the lives of innocent men. ┬áIt’s not just a small problem, it’s epidemic.

This picture accurately illustrates what’s wrong with feminism, our society, and how dangerous villains like are:




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