Lincoln’s New Ad Is Sure To Make Liberals’ Heads Explode

If you are watching TV with a liberal friend on New Years’ Day be prepared for a possible mental breakdown or head combustion if Lincoln’s new ad featuring Matthew McConaughey shows up on the screen.

“It’s not about hugging trees,” the Academy Award winner utters in his signature deep Texas drawl.  “It’s not about being wasteful either,” he adds, as he opens the door to the stylish new Lincoln MKZ Hybrid.

“Just gotta find that balance,” McConaughey finishes before he takes off along a gorgeous scenic route.

Environmentalist nuts are often referred to as “tree huggers” for their die-hard commitment to saving the environment.  Of course, it’s a derogatory term so the commercial might cause them to go into a apocalyptic rage and have those progressives call for an all-out boycott against Lincoln until they issue a retraction, apology, and then, and only then, with the approval of Green Peace, could Lincoln air another version without the term ‘Tree Hugger.”

Lincoln released the online version of the ad on Sunday.



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