Lindsay Lohan Suing Fox News For Defamation Of Character

Troubled movie starlet Lindsay Lohan and her mother Dina are suing Fox News and Sean Hannity for defamation of character. 

The offending comments made in February of 2014 about the Lohan women came from Michelle Fields, who was a guest panelist on Sean Hannity discussing the many celebrities who die from overdosing. The show aired soon after the overdose of Phillip Symour Hoffman.

“Lindsay Lohan’s mom is doing cocaine with her,” Fields said.

Following the comments in 2014, the Lohan’s lawyer sent a letter to Fox News chairman Roger Ailes calling the comment “outrageously slanderous and defamatory.”

Now the Lohans have filed suit against the number one-rated news network. According to Raw Story, “In their lawsuit, mother and daughter claim both their characters and reputations have been smeared, and accuse Fox News of peddling “malicious innuendo.”

Interestingly, TMZ has obtained letters sent a year ago by Fox to the Lohans’ lawyer apologizing for the on-air comment and also alerting the lawyer that the segment had been removed from Fox’s site. Fox News vows to fight the lawsuit and says they are surprised that the Lohans are suing them after one year. 

“We will defend this case to the fullest,” said a Fox News spokesperson. “The remark about which Lindsay and Dina Lohan complain was made on live television by a guest nearly a year ago. We removed the segment from our archives altogether last February and also apologized on-air. At that time, the Lohans did not make any demands for money, and we are surprised they are doing so now.”


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