Man Kidnapped in Broad Daylight Just Miles From White House, Sexually Assaulted

A 52-year-old man was kidnapped by four black men in a van just six miles from the White House, taken to a remote location and sexually assaulted — all in broad daylight.

Fox 5 TV said the attack happened on Wednesday at about 10 a.m. when the man, whose race was not released, was walking along the 1500 block of Alabama Avenue in Southeast D.C., in front of a busy shopping mall. According to police, four armed men in a beige or “egg-shell colored” van pulled up, forced him into the van and drove away.

“Who would think that someone would just snatch someone inside a van and take them off?” Paul Trantham, the newly-elected ANC commissioner in Ward 8, said to Fox. “Although we know these things do occur, we now have to refer back and look at cameras and see and talk to people in the community.”

The suspects are wanted for first-degree sexual abuse while armed and kidnapping. One had a handgun.


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