Man ‘Rediscovers’ Ancient Badass Archery Techniques

Man ‘Rediscovers’ Ancient Badass Archery Techniques


Nice try, Time Lord — I recognize a TARDIS when I see one!

You may have already seen it since it was all the rage over the weekend, but this is a video of Danish archer Lars Andersen demonstrating some of the amazing archery techniques he’s dug up by studying historical texts and images. It’s sort of an updated/more professionally developed version of this video of Anderson I posted back in 2013. Highlights include being able to catch arrows shot at him and shoot them back, firing three arrows in 0.6 seconds while in the air, and SPLITTING AN ARROW SHOT AT HIM IN HALF WITH HIS OWN ARROW. Obviously, Lars could easily take you out even if you came at him with a machine gun. Mounted on a tank. Aboard a warship.

Keep going for the video.


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