Man With ‘NO TAGS’ Vanity Plates Wrongly Issued $20,000 In Tickets – Can No Longer Renew License



Posted to WIDK by Jenn Flanagan, Submitted by Jacob Coby Cohen

(Daily Mail) – Danny White thought he was being ironic when he applied for his licence plate to read ‘NO-TAGS’.

Joke's on him: Any abandoned vehicle missing its licence plate, until recently, was logged with a notice that read 'No tags'

But the Department of Motor Vehicles in Washington, DC isn’t in on the joke.

The vanity plate has wrongly earned him $20,000 in unpaid tickets over the last 25 years, so many that he cannot renew his license or registration. 

Mr White told WRC-TV/NBC4 he’s accumulated enough overdue tickets to cover his red Chevy Avalanche.

And every few months, he has to go to court to have them dismissed.

‘D.C. don’t get the joke. They don’t get it,’ he said.

Because any abandoned vehicle missing its licence plate, was, until recently, logged with a notice that read ‘No tags’ – and many of them mailed to Mr White.

Tickets billed to owners of other auto-makers are cleared with a little time off work to take care of the snafus.

But citations for other Chevys remained in his name.

Mr White asked the network: ‘How do I prove it’s not mine? They say, “I don’t know.”
‘You don’t know?  It’s your system, figure it out,’ he said.

The problem finally prompted the DMV to alter its protocol for logging vehicles with no tags. 

Ticket writers are now required to write the last six digits of the vehicle’s VIN and mark the state as ‘XX’, NBC4 reports.

Despite the decades of headaches, Mr White is defiant and says he plans to keep his ‘NO-TAGS’ tags until the DMV pays for him to change the plates.

‘Everybody asks that magic question!’ he said. ‘”Why don’t you get rid of them?”‘

His answer? ‘Are you going to buy me new tags? No? There’s no need for me to buy tags I already have. If you pay for it, I’ll change them. If not, fix the computer.’