#Matriarchy Inc. Says Women Can Interrupt Men Anytime They Want

The # is very real, and they are crazed, feral harpies whose worldview narrowly consists of the ‘we want equal rights, except when men treat us equally, because that’s sexist’ attitude.  They are rarely coherent.  So was the case this weekend at the Democratic between and .

The ‘shrills for Hillary’ crowd has been trying to make the utterly baseless, tried and true, attack that Bernie Sanders is a sexist.  Why?  Because he has a penis.  That’s all really.  There’s no history of in Bernie’s past.  He’s just not a female, so he MUST be sexist.  Like I said earlier, the #Matriarchy are rarely coherent.

The latest attempt at making this silly, petty case against Bernie came from this exchange:

Gasp! I know right! How dare she violate the debate rules, and try to interrupt him.  Good for him for standing his ground, and not letting her take his time.  That’s what normal, sane people thought.  Crazy, insane, intellectually dishonest professional victims said this:



As you can clearly see from the video, Hillary was done talking, it was his turn, she interrupted him.  So naturally, SEXISM!

But wait!  There’s more!

LOL!  The Washington Post just straight up lied.  Now, as a conservative, I’m used to WaPo lying and being the target of petulant children’s incoherent tantrums.  I’m not so sure Bernie supporters are used to it.

The money line in the WaPo article just cracks me up:

Whether that chauvinism is real or imagined or even toyed with by his opponent for political gain, why can’t Sanders find a better way to manage these moments?

LOL!  Even WaPo, in their own misleading article, says the outrage is based on make believe.

Blue on blue hate crime is very real this campaign cycle.