Meet Spot: The Smaller, All Electric 4-Legged KillBot

Meet Spot: The Smaller, All Electric 4-Legged KillBot


Death at the office water cooler.

This is Boston Dynamics’ latest quadruped robot, Spot. Spot is a smaller, all-electric version of their Big Dog robot. He only weighs about 160-pounds, which, while not that hefty, is still plenty big to carry any variety of weapons to kill you. Spot was designed for both indoor and outdoor use too, effectively reducing the number of places you’re safe from Boston Dynamo’s robots to zero. You do remember Google bought Boston Dynamics and a bunch of other robotics companies, right? Skynet. Sometimes I wish I’d been born and gunned down young in the wild west and never had to know about any of this.

Keep going for the video, which I took from our sister video site Hedonistica, where I also saw two hamsters out on a tiny date, a man made out of Jello, and an owl dance party. Go check them out — doctor’s orders (I’m technically not a doctor but I am no stranger to having blood on my hands).


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