Melee in the Motor City: Brawl Breaks Out at Buffet Inside Casino

Melee in the Motor City. Food fight. Whatever you want to call it, the scene was captured on on Friday and is now making its way around the internet.

That scene involves several woman throwing punches and jumping on tables inside the MotorCity Casino in Detroit. WJBK explains:

The fists of fury were all caught on camera and posted on YouTube. “It was about to escalate,” said Gary Felton, the man who recorded the melee. “You could almost tell, the energy was growing.”

At one point, you can see women standing on table tops and jumping over chairs. Several security guards moved in and attempted to break up the fight. It’s not clear if anyone was arrested.

You can watch it below:

You can see the unedited YouTube video below. A language warning applies, and you might have to tilt your head to the side:

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