has landed back in America. Land of clean water, and first world status.

Naturally, local reporters were super stoked to Phelps once he got off the airplane. Problem is … Phelps wasn’t feelin it, and shut the fanboy down.


I’m in the media. I get that you absolutely HAVE to attempt to get this interview. I can also appreciate Phelps wanting nothing more with the press after the 24/7 press scrum he’s been dealing with in Rio. Add a long flight to the equation, and I appreciate that he wasn’t in the mood. To Phelps’ credit … he knew he was being a jerk, and tried to soften his posture a little.

What I can’t excuse is the schoolgirl, celebrity crush, fanboy reaction of the reporter. Come on man! Have a little dignity at least. He acted like he was the dorkiest kid in school who just got cussed out by the most popular, but was grateful they were just noticed. Pathetic.