Michigan Cops Get Caught Erasing Video That Proved They Harassed Citizens

More police abuse caught on camera, and this time we caught them deleting the evidence against them.

These people called the police when they were legally hunting on their property, and came across a trespasser.  So naturally, they needed to be arrested, and charged with a felony.  Cuz … it’s Michigan.



‘He had a handgun, no a rifle, no a shotgun.’  Damn dude, which is it?

Funny thing is, as a former IT professional, they should already know that you can recover this stuff.  They do, after all, use the same technology to gather evidence in their cases.

In other words, you got a couple of REALLY dumb cops here.

Michigan deputies are accused of forcing a woman to delete her video footage after she recorded them handcuffing her husband for legally carrying an unloaded shotgun on their property.

The couple managed to recover the footage, so now we are able to see a 36-second video clip showing a Crawford County sheriff deputy holding the husband facedown on the ground in handcuffs while another deputy has another man in handcuffs.

The second deputy then turns to the camera, ordering her to turn the camera off while approaching her. The first deputy can be heard saying they are going to take it as evidence before the camera turns off.

The woman, Heather Donald, told her story to The Blaze, reporting that deputies did seize the camera, returning it only after they had deleted the footage.

Unloaded weapons, on THEIR property, harrassing citizens, and tampering with evidence.  Surely they will get fired … right?

Not all cops in Michigan are asshats like these two though.  I recently highlighted this good cop story on my show.

Tuesday’s Show Prep:

Open carry activists in Orion Township, Mich., had the police called on them during their “For Liberty Friday” protest last week. However, they were pleasantly surprised when they were confronted by a sheriff’s deputy who completely supported their demonstration because it is protected under the Second Amendment.