Missouri GOP Put Up Bills To Restrict Minors’ Abortions

Missouri Republicans are fighting to make abortion more difficult for minors, proposing two bills that would require stricter standards for the minors to abort their babies. State Representative Rocky Miller has proposed a bill requiring a minor to notify both her parents if she wants an abortion; Representative Sonya Anderson’s bill would require the girl to have notarized consent from her parent or guardian.

Miller’s bill reads that a girl under eighteen cannot have an abortion unless:

The attending physician has secured the informed written consent of the minor and 4 one parent or guardian, and the consenting parent or guardian of the minor has notified any 5 other custodial parent or guardian in writing prior to the securing of the informed written 6 consent of the minor and one parent or guardian. For purposes of this subdivision, 7 “custodial parent” means any parent of a minor in a family in which the parents have not 8 separated or dissolved their marriage, or any parent of a minor who has been awarded 9 joint legal custody or joint physical custody of such minor by a court of competent 10 jurisdiction. Notice shall not be required for any parent or guardian:

The bills would strengthen pro-lifers’ efforts to protect the unborn; current standards in Missouri require a minor to notify their custodial parent of every medical action except an abortion, which only requires the consent of one parent.

Miller’s bill does exempt minors in a state of medical emergency and minors whose parent has been convicted of certain crimes. Anderson said of her bill, “Every provision in this bill is designed to better protect the health of the pregnant minor, the unborn child, and parental rights. You need to prove the identity of the parent or guardian to make sure that’s who they say they are.”

Miller first thought of amending the law to include two-parent notification when his daughter, who lived with his-ex-wife, was thinking of having an abortion. She called her father, then decided to keep the baby.


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