MLB Pitcher Posts Starbucks Gift Card on Twitter For Fans to Use

Who said people in Washington only take and don’t give back to the people? 

Washington Nationals pitcher, Doug Fister really got into the holiday spirit this year and offered free Starbucks coffee to anyone who wanted.

Fister took a picture of a Starbucks gift card and posted it on his twitter account with a message that said, “Merry Christmas Eve! Have a Starbucks on us!  Have the barista scan the pic below.  Don’t be a Grinch, please use for 1.” 



Sports Illustrated pointed out that Fister made $7.2 million in 2014 “so as long as everyone stays away from Venti-sized coffees, he shouldn’t have too big an issue footing the bill.”

Truth Revolt has not been able to confirm whether or not the card is still useable.  


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