Monday, August 7 – Hour 2 Podcast


Liberal Slate won’t let their writers unionize. The reason why proves conservatives right – Red Alert Politics

After more than 90 percent of its editorial staff signed cards to unionize with the  back in March, the site’s management refused to voluntarily recognize the Guild as their collective bargaining representative, and has continued to drag its feet.

Salon struggling to pay its rent | New York Post

Salon, the struggling digital publisher, is having trouble paying its rent.

Vaping industry in Indiana takes off after monopoly is eliminated – 95.3 MNC

The industry in  is growing after a new state law eliminated a that was restricting manufacturers’ ability to sell their products in the state.

Survey ‘Myth-Busting’ E-Cigarettes Shreds Negative Stereotypes Of Vapers

The survey showed roughly 77 percent of vapers have completed a secondary education and roughly 67 percent are employed full time. They also stay active, further diminishing the portrait of the average vaper as lazy. Roughly 76 percent of users exercise at least one to three times a week, with 31 percent exercising four to seven times a week.

Vapers Commend ‘Massive’ FDA Move ‘Abandoning’ Crippling Policies

The U.S. announced July 28 they are delaying costly requirements for product approval by four years to avoid financially upending the industry. Commissioner  said he wants the FDA to encourage the development of innovative technologies that can improve public health while leaving products currently helping smokers quit on the market.