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South Bend couple’s home trashed by former tenants

The Smiths could get a lawyer and ask the court to issue a judgment on the couple, which affects their credit and garnishes future wages until it’s paid back. So far, they’re reluctant to do so.

Outrage as Dallas officials threaten to tear down wall honoring fallen police officers because it ‘runs afoul of regulations’ | Fox News

Dallas Commissioner Votes AGAINST Honoring Murdered Police Officers – Says They Brought It On Themselves

Commissioner  said the officers brought it on themselves.

Debunked: Women’s March blames ‘NRA member’ for racist sign, turns out she’s a pink-hatted activist – Red Alert Politics

The official account for the Women’s March is blasting an individual who held a hateful, racists sign amongst  counter-protesters this weekend. The Women’s March says the sign is held by a  () counter protester, but Red Alert Politics has identified the individual as a left-wing supporter of the Women’s March.

The people who protested against  are the same people who believe the 2nd Amendment only applies to white people. We see you,

Hey, that’s me, I am saying this is WRONG! Do u think I would possibly be serious wearing wild pants and a flower hat? Come on!

Study: Trump Dominated Clinton on Twitter in 2016 Election Despite Attacking Her Less – Breitbart

A new study that analyzed the use of Twitter in the 2016 presidential election discovered that President  utilized social media much more effectively than opponent .