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Harvard: California minimum wage hikes have led to major restaurant closings – Red Alert Politics

“We find suggestive evidence that a higher leads to overall increases in restaurant exit rates – depending on the specification, we find that a $1 increase in the leads to approximately a 4 to 10 percent increase in the likelihood of exit,” Dara Lee Luca and Michael Luca wrote in the .

Shocking Study Shows $15 Minimum Wage Makes W | The Daily Caller

A study on the increasing minimum wage in Seattle, Wash., found that the low-income workers in the city actually have been losing an average of $125 per month since the hike went into effect.

Scary Attorney Ads Have Become a Legal Topic in Congress. | Story |

for attorneys have become big business for local broadcasters but there’s an effort in Congress to put new limits on how can advertise medical-related topics. The concern raised by the House Subcommittee on the Constitution and Civil Justice during a hearing on Friday is whether the attorneys’ commercials are frightening people to the point where they stop taking lifesaving drugs prescribed to them.

Michigan is one signature away from legalizing switchblade knives |

Such were outlawed decades ago.

John Oliver Slapped With Defamation Suit over This ‘Last Week Tonight’ Takedown of Coal Exec | Law News

The complaint also cites unnamed studies that said that the collapse was a “seismic event,” and “caused by what many would characterize as an earthquake.” It notes that when Murray got to the mine after the collapse, the University of Utah was saying that an earthquake had taken place less than five miles away from the mine.