How to detect ‘fake news’? South Bend forums designed to teach that skill | Education |

In an era when “fake news,” “alternative facts” and similar phrases are frequently used, how is a citizen to know what is fact and what is not?

Uh huh. I can see it now … ‘if it isn’t from a major media source, it’s fake news.’

Major media sources like the New York Daily News:

New York Daily News Reports President Trump was Golfing Yesterday – Except That He Wasn’t

The New York Daily News tweeted that was golfing yesterday for the 9th time in 7 weeks.  They showed a picture of the President on a golf course in their tweet.  The problem was that this was not accurate.

Yup, fake news from major media.

What about and the New York Times? Always trustworthy major media outlets, right?

VERY FAKE NEWS: CNN Releases New Mike Brown Video at Convenience Store – Suggests It’s From Day of Shooting

The CNN announcer implies it is the same store at the same time, thereby implying that Brown never stole from the store. But it is clear this new video was taken at night and Michael Brown is wearing a backpack.

The New York Times also ran with this fake news story.

Yeah, I’m sure the numerous examples of fake news in major media will be discussed in the fake news workshops in South Bend. I’m just sure of it.

Ferguson: Protests Start Up Again [VIDEO] | The Daily Caller

A protest took place outside Ferguson Market & Liquor on Sunday after footage was released of Michael Brown at the store exchanging a small bag for the box of cigarillos that previously released footage suggested he stole.

Greenpeace Is ‘Just Lying To Raise Money’ Says Forestry CEO | The Daily Caller

The CEO of Resolute Forest Products thinks his logging company is the target of an environmentalist campaign to rake in donations.