Monday, March 28 – Hour 1 Podcast

Parents ‘Bum-Rushed’ Easter Egg Hunt, Injured Children In Mad Scramble To Be First (VIDEO) | Truth Revolt

Welch told Eyewitness News that children were trampled, parents knocked over children and eggs were stolen out of peoples’ baskets. Peterson said the crowd was “kind of like locusts.”

One person is in custody after gunshots reportedly were fired at the U.S. Capitol Visitors Center, according to The Associated Press.

Legislator renews call for seatbelts on school buses –

Calls for on Indiana’s are growing after a bus carrying a high school basketball team overturned in a crash.

Capitol Hill shooter caught after shots fired | Washington Examiner

“No one will be allowed to enter or exit any buildings,” the police emailed all Capitol buildings. “You may move about within the buildings and underground between buildings.”