South Bend Tribune to move printing operations to Grand Rapids Michigan – 95.3 MNC

More than 50 employees of the South Bend Tribune will lose their jobs as the newspaper announced it will end local printing operations and, instead, will have the paper printed in Walker, Michigan, which is near Grand Rapids.

Report: Gas Prices Will Remain Ultra-Low For Rest Of 2017 | The Daily Caller

Gasoline prices will remain relatively low for the remainder of this year and the foreseeable future, according to a new survey published Monday by the energy firm Wood Mackenzie.

Wall Street hit records as technology, energy stocks rise | Reuters

Wall Street indexes were trading higher on Monday and the S&P 500 and Nasdaq hit records as a global cyber attack boosted technology stocks and a rise in oil prices lifted energy stocks.

W. MI man hailed as hero for stopping global cyberattack |

To the rescue came 29-year-old Darien Huss, a Purdue University graduate and senior security research engineer at cybersecurity firm Proofpoint. He works for a California company, but lives in Newaygo County to be near his wife’s job.

Microsoft president blasts NSA for its role in ‘WannaCry’ computer ransom attack – LA Times

Microsoft executive sharply criticized a U.S. spy agency Sunday for its role in weaponizing a weakness in Windows and allowing it to be stolen by hackers and used to launch history’s largest ransomware attack.