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Michelle Obama is not happy about the rollback of her school lunch guidelines – Hot Air Hot Air

“And this is where you really have to look at motives,” Mrs. Obama said. She continued, “You have to stop and think, why don’t you want our kids to have good food at school? What is wrong with you?” Later in her statement, Mrs. Obama said, “Like me, don’t like me but think about why someone is okay with your kids eating crap. Why would you celebrate that?”

Your Candy Bars are About to Get Smaller and You Can Thank Michelle Obama | Truth Revolt

Climbing on board are Mars, Nestle, and PepsiCo, just to name a few. Pepsi has promised the PHA to reduce sugar, saturated fats, and sodium in its products as well as make investments in healthier product lines in the future. The candy makers will cut portion sizes on half their products, including snacks like Snickers, M&Ms, Butterfingers, and Starburst, to 200 calories or fewer by 2022, The Washington Post reports. In addition, these companies have also promised to move the nutrition information to the front of the packaging. (Because it burns too many calories to turn the package over and that’s just too personally responsible for a lowly citizen.)

Robotic Touch: U Researchers 3D Print Bionic Skin « WCCO | CBS Minnesota

Researchers at the University of Minnesota say they’ve developed a way to make “bionic skin,” technology that could allow robots to feel their environments and humans to wear sensory-enhancing devices directly on their fingertips.

US Army training AI using brainwaves of supersnipers | Daily Mail Online

Army researchers are teaching artificial intelligence to learn from humans to become sharper shooters.

DNC Host Committee Hands Out Nearly $1 Million in Taxpayer Funded Bonuses

The Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee used some of the leftover money it raised for the Democratic National Convention to pay nearly $1 million bonuses to staff and volunteers, prompting the Republican head of the state Senate to call for an audit.

The same exact people being sued by workers for not getting paid.

Marvel Comics Cancels Black Lives Matter-Themed ‘Black Panther’ Due to Poor Sales

Marvel Comics has canceled its Black Lives Matter-inspired comic book Black Panther & The Crew due to poor sales, according to reports.