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Watch: Crowd Boos Snowflakes Who Walked Out On Mike Pence Commencement Speech – The Burning Truth

They’ve been trying to sell it as a ‘respectful’ protest the week leading up to the commencement. That is a lie. If they didn’t want to hear Pence speak, they didn’t have to show up. You graduate either way. This was designed to get them attention, and be disrespectful not just to the former Governor, and current Vice President, but to be disrespectful to everyone else in attendance. It was a pathetic ‘look at me!’ moment.

Watchdog group threatens suit over recycling charge on tax bills | Local |

A watchdog group called Citizens for Common Sense has threatened a lawsuit over households being charged on their property tax bills for St. Joseph County’s curbside recycling program.

Voter signatures being gathered for recreational marijuana, prevailing wage issues in Michigan – 95.3 MNC

Groups that want to legalize recreational marijuana and repeal a law that requires union-level wages on state-financed building projects can begin gathering voter signatures.


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