Bloomington Indiana union upset over changes in holidays’ names – 95.3 MNC

Rick Albright is president of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Local 2487. According to the Bloomington Herald-Times , he emailed the mayor saying the changes amounted to changes in the union’s contract. Albright said he plans to file a grievance.

Dealers using THC-laced ‘edibles’ to attract young people | WANE

“They’re getting them through some sort of black market,” said Jerri Lerch of the Allen County Drug and Alcohol Consortium. “That could be online or on the web, or some sort of physical transaction of some kind.”

Indiana TV Station Claims Kids Are Ordering Cannabis Candy Online – Hit & Run :

These numbers are nonsensical. A lollipop that was 100 percent THC would not be a lollipop; it would be pure THC. Even a product that was 70 percent THC would not have the taste, consistency, or appearance of a lollipop, which consists mostly of sugar. And if it were possible to create such a thing, a seven-gram lollipop that was 70 percent THC would contain 4,900 milligrams of marijuana’s main psychoactive ingredient. The label on the 2 Baked Gerrls package indicates that it contains 50 milligrams of THC, or 25 milligrams per lollipop (assuming both pictured lollipops came from the same package).

Indiana Chamber of Commerce unveils top legislative priorities for 2017 – 95.3 MNC

“We need to completely fund both maintenance needs and important new projects, and ensure that every user pays their fair share.”

The Oil War Is Over And America Has Won | The Daily Caller

On 30h OPEC will meet to admit they have lost that conflict.