More Dino Homoerotica Available On Amazon Kindle

More Dino Homoerotica Available On Amazon Kindle


You had me at Space Raptor Butt Invasion.

Because dino homoerotica is all the rage these days (a rage I 100% started by the way), this is a series of dinosaur and mythical beast homoerotica published by Chuck Tingle (who may or may not have taken his name from the map-selling fairy in the Zelda universe) and available for download via Amazon Kindle. Obviously, I just sped-read them all and now I’m sitting at my desk with a blanket over my legs like Franklin D. Roosevelt trying to pretend it’s because I’m cold and not because I have a boner. God, could somebody turn up the heat in here! *phone ringing* Hello? Oh hey, boss. “GW? It’s 74-degrees. Stop reading dino erotica at work.” They’re on to me!

Thanks to Tiffany S, who knows quality literature when she sees it.


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