More Videos of GSA’s Wild Weekend Surface

More Images, Videos Reveal GSA Fun At 2010 Vegas Conference

Good times ‘Above All Else’ Was Meeting Mantra

By Jim McElhatton

The table was strewn with Crayola markers, glue, tin foil and a box of discarded Milk Duds as the General Services Administration workers happily tinkered away on a crafts project in the posh Las Vegas casino.  The next day, presumably in the name of team building, they gathered near the pool, wore bandanas over their eyes, held hands and took part in some sort of activity that required rope, a tennis ball and a little traffic cone. Later, they teamed up to assemble small bicycles and, yet again, they held hands.

Except for the cocktails, beer and wine, many of the scenes from the now infamous 2010 General Services Administration conference gave the appearance of a fun summer camp.  Such glimpses were among hours of video, hundreds of snapshots, documents, agendas and other records recently provided by the GSA in response to a Freedom of Information Act request by The Washington Times for data contained on an internal agency website on the $823,000 four-day affair in 2010.


New Videos Of 2010 GSA Vegas Conferance